J Michael and his associates are outstanding ! The response was within a couple hours and they were very knowledgeable, professional, clean and did the job quickly. Top notch craftsmanship in their trade. A very fair price as well because the house is a 1927 build they took those factors into consideration as well.


J helped us in a pinch when the polar vortex hit and froze our heater. when other companies were too busy he pulled through and got us hot water in under 30 min. He has gained a customer for life.


I can't say enough good things about J Michael and the job he did getting our tankless back up and running. Just to add on to everyone else's reviews, J and his team did everything in their power to make sure my business had hot water back ASAP, then stayed even later to ensure that the unit would continue to run until new parts were shipped next day. Sure enough, next day he was back and so was our water. Thanks again for taking such good care of us.


Very courteous and friendly, quick changeover only with out hot water for a few hours. Would recommend to friends and family. Very happy with the installation and equipment.


I highly recommend Tankless services of michigan. Jay Micheal went out of his way to help solve my problem with my tankless unit. His knowledge on the unit was amazing. He is a very knowledgeable and courteous.


I had the pleasure of having J Michael service my Noritz tankless. After having a couple other companies out who claimed to be able to service my system and solve my issues. I found out the hard way that I was taken advantage of. J Michael is honest caring and compassionate. He's very knowledgeable and family orientated. It was like having family over instead of a random person from a company. Having found J Michael was a God send. If i could give a million stars I definitely would. Thank you again J Michael!


If i could give Jay 100 stars I would. I had an error code appear on my unit today and looked for a Noritz authorized repairman. I called Jay based on the reviews here. I explained my issue over the phone and Jay said he would do some research and call me later in the day. Sure enough he did and Helped me reset and fix my issue via phone. He was "worried my family wouldn't have hot water" as he would be unable to come to my house for at least a few days. Unbelievable service from an unbelievable person. Hard to find anyone in any profession like Jay. I plan on having Jay out next week for a full service of my unit!!! Million thanks!


I am greatly pleased by the service I received on my tankless water heater. It just quit working and it took a few days to figure out what was wrong but Joe and Merv were very patient and professional. They went through every issue they could in methodical order and resolved the problem. They charged reasonable rate. These guys live by a code to treat others they way they would like to be treated. They are not just plumbers, they are technicians. They know how to research every issue. I had a very rare problem that they fixed. Very happy. I will return to them for every service or issue I ever have with my water heater.


Our system was not producing hot water and showing a 94 code. I had another company come out and they descaled the system and I had hot water. The next morning I had no hot water and the same error code occurred. I called J. Michael and on a holiday weekend he came out, conducted extensive diagnostic work and discovered that the tankless water heater's sensor was the problem. He found the part, came back within the hour and fixed it! J. Michael was knowledgeable and determined to fix it. He is a competent and wonderful person. I highly recommend him for his expert work and helpful demeanor. Great service.


J.Michael and team were extremely helpful with helping me resolve ignition issues with my tankless unit. Not only did he fix my tankless heater unit, he provided expert guidance on how to perform periodic descaling and offered advice on the best products for this maintenance procedure. Highly recommended for top notch service in SE Michigan.


Every reviewer before me is correct. J.Michael's service performance is top notch. You will be thoroughly satisfied and pleased about you decision to call this company. When he and his assistant leave your home, your issue will have been resolved.


I have had a Noritz for 12 years and I love it. Recently it began leaking, I took a video of the problem and sent it in. He showed up with the right parts and the right diagnostic equipment and fixed my problem in under an hour. I will never use another service my Noritz repairs. This guy took all the classes and carries the right tools. Pretty much no nonsense. I am 100% satisfied and would never use anyone else.


Jay Michael was prompt, dependable, and caring, he contacted the company ordered the correct parts and made sure I received them under warranty. Was very professional. Use him and you will be happy!


Very knowledgeable, excellent customer service. Highly recommend!


J.Michael and his team performed a great installation of the Noritz unit with top results. His expert mechanical background and extensive Noritz product knowledge provided me the confidence in choosing him vs. other contractors. He provided a pre-installation consultation at our residence to ensure unit size, placement, water/gas routing, exhaust location, and FAQ's answered. The system was installed on time and 100% as quoted. We experienced immediate endless hot water and significant natural gas savings. We definitely made the right decision in buying a tankless unit. I performed a lot of research on the various tankless brands, and found Noritz was the best solution. J.Michael recently performed regularly scheduled maintenance (eg. descaling) on the unit and was impressively thorough. I originally thought of the maintenance as a DIY project, but after seeing the additional activities he performed like component inspection, filter replacement, gas pressure testing, error code/log review, and overall system performance optimization, I was really glad to have made the decision to outsource the maintenance to him. I would highly recommend J.Michael and his company for tankless installation and scheduled maintenance!